About Us

About Us

The Message :
The Bible Society considers it a sacred trust to share the life-changing Word of God with everyone. Bible Society is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to serving the scriptural needs of churches, organizations, and individuals. Our specific mission is to provide the Holy Scriptures to every man, women, and child in a language and form each can easily understand and at a price each can easily afford.

A Heritage of Regional Leadership :
Bible Society has been instrumental in completing the joint Good News Arabic (GNA) translation in 1993. Up till then, the two widely used Arabic translations were the Van Dyke & Al-Boustani (1865) and the Jesuit translation (1880), widely used among Catholic churches. Work on the GNA began in the sixties under the supervision of Bible Society and in collaboration with several scholars of the original languages and Arabic translators to complete the whole Bible. We have also presented the Scriptures in many other formats, including videos and tapes, and soon on CD-ROMS and an interactive site on the World Wide Web.

Partnerships of Service:
Across the region, the Bible Society is an active partner with denominations, churches, Para church and other non-profit organizations to share God’s Word. Bible Sundays help in building these relationships and to meet other specific needs. Many volunteers from differing church traditions share Scripture materials in local settings and distribution camps.

A Stewardship of Resources:
The Lebanon Bible Society has been blessed with continuous financial support from other sister Bible Societies. However, in the last few years, the margin of local individual and organizational donors has increased markedly. These funds are used for translating, publishing and distributing the Holy Scriptures. For certain needs, some program costs are subsidized for free distribution, especially those related to students.

Our catalogs offer Scriptures in more than 27 languages along with a wide selection of resources that congregations and scholars can use in their Bible study programs.

The new Bible Society Center is constructed for the main purpose of serving the needs of the regional distribution market. The Center is designed with a large warehouse to maintain a continuous supply of Scripture and Scripture-related publications. A bookshop with samples of all Bible Society products,Bible World, lecture halls, conference rooms, library, offices, production, translation and computer centers are some of the facilities that will be available to our Christian partners and churches.

Centered on the Bible:
The people and programs of Bible Society are centered on the Bible and its life-giving message of hope, justice, and reconciling love. We believe the Scriptures speak for themselves; we don’t add doctrinal notes or comments of confessional bias. By honoring this historic focus on the Scriptures, the Bible Society is able to unite Christians from all traditions and strengthen the impact of the Bible’s transforming power. Bible Society seeks to serve the Scripture needs of all of God’s children by staying centered on the Word.

Looking to the Future:
There is much work yet to be done. Millions of people still have no portion of the Bible in their native language. Those who have the Scriptures need tools that would encourage them to draw from this deep well of hope and truth. We invite all persons to join together with Bible Society and support the mission of sharing God’s Word with the world.

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