Meet Panda & his Furry Friends in Creation


With gentle, comforting rhymes and appealing touch-and-feel elements, this series is a favorite for both parents and children, that wish to build an early language foundation and share their Christian faith. Great for practicing animal recognition and sounds with toddlers, while introducing their young listeners to two classic and beloved Bible scenes.

  • age: 0-2
  • 8 pages
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Meet Panda & his Furry Friends in Creation allows toddlers to experience the awesome world of Creation together with Mr. Panda all their other new furry friends! Curious, little fingers will enjoy exploring the textures of the awesome animals of Creation in this charming board-book series for their first library.

Discover how all of these diverse animals bear witness of God’s love and wisdom, as the two different narrators, a Panda (Creation) and a Brown Bear (Noah’s Ark) tell the story adorably written in verse.

About Meet Panda & his Furry Friends in Creation:

  • Repeated use of touch and feel fabric is brilliant
  • Fascinating “double touch” effect through die-cut
  • Illustrations tailored for the touch and feel concept.
  • Perfect “baby shower” gift item
  • Cute rhymes that introduce vital foundational stories from the Bible

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