The Devotional Childrens B.


The Devotional Children’s Bible is aimed at families and groups with school children that enjoy reading the Bible together and look to take a step deeper into understanding the Bible Stories. To spark conversation among them, the supporting devotions open up the Bible text and creates opportunity for deeper reflection on the message and what it means on a personal level.

This tile is also excellent for personal devotions. Readers that study alone, will find that the The Devotional Children’s Bible holds a refreshing perspective on the word of God, and is easy to use on a daily basis.

  • age: 5+
  • 408 pages
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The Devotional Children’s Bible is easy to read aloud and structured around a portion of Bible text followed by a short devotion. It comes with a fresh design and is based upon The Children’s Bible.

It contains world-class, timeless illustrations that are faithfull to the bible and well accepted in cultures and denominations worldwide.

This new launch combines features from adult editions, such as two-column layout, chronological order and scripture references, with those of children’s Bibles, like adapted text and beautiful, captivating pictures, that tally the story in every detail.

If you have already purchased The Children’s Bible The Devotional Children’s Bible can be adapted without much effort.

About The Devotional Childrens B.:

  • A great 2-in-1 product: Bible and devotional
  • An excellent child–adult crossover edition, that works well with all ages
  • Combines great features from both adult and children’s Bibles

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