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KJV N.T. Paperback, Outreach

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Distinctive Features:

Traditional scripture text: A time-honored, formal translation of the ancient Greek text.
Maps: Handy reference maps of the world of the New Testament.
Words which have changed in meaning: a listing of archaic words and their modern day equivalents.
What’s in the new testament: A brief summary of every book in the New Testament and a handy chart that provides and overview of all the books that make up the Bible.
How to read the New Testament: Simple suggestions on how to read the New Testament devotionally and keep notes.
Read through the New Testament: Easy-to-follow reading plan.
Famous passages of the New Testament: A guide to locating famous new testament stories.
Finding help in the New Testament: A guide to scripture passages that can help when you may be facing a difficult problem or special challenge.
What the New Testament says about God’s forgiveness: A guide to passages in the New Testament that speak of God’s great love for you.

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