La Bible Pour Toi 2

La Bible Pour Toi 2


The Bible For You 2

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The Bible For You 2

1. Samuel, prophet of God
2. Saul, a king for Israel
3. David fights against Goliath
4. David and Jonathan
5. King David
6. Solomon's wisdom
7. Solomon's temple
8. The visit of the Queen of Sheba
9. Elijah asks for bread 
10. Elijah's sacrifice 
11. Elijah is taken to heaven 
12. Naaman is cured of leprosy 
13. The protection of the Lord 
14. He who brings a good news story 
15. Enemies on all sides 
16. The great disaster 
17. The golden statue of the king
18. The fiery furnace
19. Daniel in the lion's den
20. The book of the law
21. Queen Esther
22. Esther begs the king for her people
23. Jonah flees
24. In the belly of the big fish

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