Lebneini w 2aktar Volume 2


تاريخ النشر: 01/01/2013
الناشر: دار منهل الحياة
النوع: ورقي غلاف عادي
لغة: إنكليزي
Page Count: 137
Format: Soft Cover
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About Lebneini w 2aktar Volume 2:

Ahla w Sahla. This volume of Lebneini w 2aktar is designed to improve your skills in speaking the Levantine dialect and help you reach self-confidence with present tense, past tense, present continuous and past continuous tenses, as well as future tense. While focusing on the colloquial, this book does not neglect the importance of Modern Standard Arabic, or MSA. Our curriculum recognizes the intrinsic relationship between MSA and Levantine colloquial, and the importance of both in equipping non-native speakers to interact proficiently in Arab countries.

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