Read ‘n’ Play Baby Bible


Parents will enjoy sharing the stories of David, Joseph, Moses, and many others as the twentytwo stories are enhanced with little, cute prompts for along the way. When God makes it rain, “rainy fingers” fall on Baby’s head and tummy – tickle – tickle – laughs! Oh! – Joseph and Mary can’t find Jesus and Mommy can’t find Baby, but “peek-a-boo there you are!” They will sing along with David on their favorite tune or pray silently like a whisper to God like Hannah.

These well-thought out activities help infants remember each story and enhance interaction, making this title an apt gift idea to christenings, newborns or a child’s first birthday.

  • age: 0-2
  • pages: 48
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Baby’s First Bible – Read and play your way through this Baby Bible. Here’s a book that makes for a perfect read-aloud! Bible stories for little ones – engaging and fun at the same time.

Filled with small tasks and activities, like tickling bellies and singing along with David and his harp, the essence of God’s Word is made clear in a simple way. The light hearted and bubbling scenes are illustrated by  Gustavo Mazali filled – with little people, that children can relate to.

About Read ‘n’ Play Baby Bible:

  • Unique handle and lock provides extra perceived value and makes the book stand out on the shelf
  • Artwork by bestselling illustrator Gustavo Mazali
  • Well-thought out concept for quality time with babies.
  • Suggested bonding activities with explanatory icons to enhance fun, expectation for and association with each story.

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