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How do you know when God is speaking? Today, there is an insatiable hunger for the prophetic word of the Lord. Christians are eager to receive “words from the Lord” and to share them. Along with the genuine desire for the real comes a vulnerability to excessive or counterfeit prophetic ministry. Too often, modern “prophets” stream through our churches, fellowships, and homes giving words almost like fortune-tellers. But is God really speaking? In this insightful and eye-opening book, respected author and teacher John Bevere shares with you:     * How to accurately discern prophecy.     * How false prophecy can be accurate with your past and present, but miss your future.     * How counterfeit prophecy leaves you fruitless.     * How to discern a true prophet from a false prophet.     * How to respond when a word is not from God.     * How to be led by the Spirit and more. You can discern truth from deception. Jesus sternly warned,”See to it that no one misleads you” (Matt. 24:4, NAS). To be misled is to be deceived. Jesus makes it clear–it is our responsibility to discern truth from deception. This includes rightly dividing genuine spiritual authority from counterfeit. This crucial and timely message reveals: How to recognize true and false authority The deceptive tactics of false authority What brings spiritual maturity And much more…

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